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Thursday, May 2 2013

Wed / 05.01.13

12:00AM - 11:59PM

National Bike-to-Work Challenge!

Make May the Start of Something New

Need motivation to bike to work? Then May is your month! Be challenged by your fellow designers by starting or joining a 3-9 person team under the AIGA organization to take on Cascade Bicycle Club's Commute Challenge. Whether you're a road warrior or a two-wheeled neophyte*, we want you out of your car out there riding with us. It's FREE and you only need to commit to FOUR rides for the month (but we bet you'll do more)! Just track the miles you ride, log them into the simple online tool, then watch as you and your team climb the ranks.

To join in, you have two choices. You can either:

  1. Find 3-9 friends/coworkers/colleagues, then create your own team as a Captain and send your other teammates an invite. Just select AIGA as the "Organization" you are joining under.
  2. Or if you can't find 3 others to join you, just post a message on the AIGA Seattle Facebook Event Page that you want to join a team and we'll do our best to help you find a spot!

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to feel the wind in your hair, cruise past the traffic, feel the competitive spirit and get in great shape!

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