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The professional association for design

Our mission: To advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool, and vital cultural force. We believe that by increasing the influence of design, we can improve the human experience.

About AIGA

Founded in 1914, AIGA is the oldest and largest membership association for design professionals. Today the national organization represents more than 20,000 designers participating in 65 local chapters and more than 200 student groups.

AIGA supports design professionals, educators, and students at whatever stage they are in their careers. The association spans the many varied branches of the profession: from book design, typography, and other types of traditional communication design to newer disciplines such as interaction design and experience design.

AIGA has become a forum for design professionals to exchange ideas and information, participate in critical analysis and research, and advance education and ethical practice.

AIGA is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) educational institution.

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AIGA Seattle

Like the other chapters of AIGA, the Seattle chapter is an all-volunteer organization that connects local designers to the collective voice, experience, and resources of the larger organization. Our success depends on the active participation of members and sponsors — that is, people like you.

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