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When you become a member of AIGA Seattle, you join forces with nearly 700 designers across the state of Washington and 20,000+ designers nationwide. AIGA Seattle unites designers from all disciplines and areas, from the tech-focused Puget Sound area to the Design for Democracy campaign in Olympia.

AIGA has now grown to 65 chapters and 200 student groups nationwide, making it the largest professional design organization in the world. AIGA Seattle was established in 1985 as the 9th Chapter in the nation. The more members AIGA has, the greater the ability of that network to benefit us all.


When you join AIGA, you are showing your commitment to maintaining a high standard of professional ethics, furthering your professional development, and speaking up as the collective voice of the profession.

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Level   Annual dues
Trustee   $2500/year
Design Leader   $500/year
Sustaining Member   $250/year
Supporter   $150/year
Contributor   $50/year
Group   $675/year for first three memberships.
$75/year for each additional member. Learn more


* At the Supporter level and above, you can pay for your annual membership in monthly installments. 


AIGA empowers designers to be successful at each stage of their careers. Your membership offers great value, including tangible and intangible benefits: Savings. Information. Special offers. Community. Inspiration. Education. Representation. Validation. Join today to contribute to the influence of design, further your professional development, connect with a welcoming community of peers, and gain access to the following benefits:

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  • One of the questions we are frequently asked is “How are my membership dues spent?” KINETIK Inc., in Washington, D.C., has developed this Flash movie to help answer that question.
  • Self-employed professionals should note that membership dues are fully tax-deductible as a business expense. Those who work for larger design studios or in-house design departments should inquire if dues can be paid by their employers.