AIGA and Student Groups /

AIGA encourages the formation of student groups at colleges and universities.
We do so as a way of encouraging students to take the first step toward demonstrating their commitment to the profession they have chosen. Being part
of a campus AIGA group also helps students to better understand the fields
of design.

As professional members of AIGA, we feel strongly that student groups should, as much as possible, be involved in programming their own events. This activity not only helps instill in campus leaders a sense of responsibility for the needs of the student group, but also acts as a training ground for future AIGA chapter officers.

There are currently eight student groups affiliated with AIGA Seattle, each with ten or more AIGA student members. A faculty advisor on each campus is designated as coordinator for that school’s group. Each student group runs its own programs, from juried exhibitions to social events to lectures, adding to the rich schedule of design-related activities throughout Seattle.

AIGA Seattle Student Groups

Interested in Starting a Student Group?

If you would like more information about starting an AIGA student group at your school, please email the Education Committee.

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