Volunteer Opportunities for AIGA Seattle /

Be an AIGA Seattle volunteer!

Did you know that the AIGA Seattle chapter is run almost entirely by volunteers? From the board, to the organizers of events and initiatives, to the friendly folks who greet you at AIGA functions—we're all volunteers.

Volunteering for the chapter is a great way to meet other designers, hone your professional skills, and give back to your community. Plus, without our dedicated volunteers, we would not be able to carry out the incredible events and initiatives throughout the year. So we need you!

Why Volunteer?

  •  Because you are AIGA Seattle and we need your help.
  •  Because you're tired of going to the events and not knowing anyone.
  •  Because you want to be an advocate for the role of design in this country.
  •  Because you are determined to get the most out of AIGA by working to make this organization
          all that you know it can be.
  •  Because you want to acquire new skills.
  •  Because you work by yourself and want to be actively involved with other designers who will challenge you.
  •  Because you aren't a member but you want to be involved (and get discounted entry to events!).
If you have any questions about volunteering, or would like to volunteer for a specific position, please email
our Volunteer Director.


Once again an AIGA team carved its way into the Wayzgoose at SVC Seattle and saw the fruits—er, flowers—of its labors printed by steamroller. Our poster entry was designed by last year’s award-winning Wayzgoose team; this year’s team of dedicated carvers and inkers brought it to life.