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In order to help designers come to grips with the defining issue of our times, The Living Principles for Design was created as a framework to guide the development and evaluation of sustainable design solutions. Drawing from—and distilling—decades of collective wisdom, theory and results, The Living Principles weave environmental, social, economic and cultural sustainability into an actionable, integrated approach that can be communicated consistently to designers, business leaders, educators and the public.

The Living Principles website is the place where practitioners, educators, studios and curious individuals co-create, share and showcase best practices, tools, stories and ideas for enabling sustainable action across myriad design disciplines. This is where creative action for collective good comes together.

On December 11, 2012, AIGA national board members and Living Principles co-architects Gaby Brink and Phil Hamlett provided an introductory overview and shared ideas for using the framework to move the conversation—and the industry—forward. Session attendees were encouraged to explore design thinking’s power to create positive cultural change and new visions of vibrant, resilient futures. Click here for the recording of this webcast.

This session was open to all; an AIGA membership was not required to attend.


Gaby Brink 2

Gaby Brink is the founder and chief designer of Tomorrow Partners and an AIGA national board member

At Tomorrow, Gaby Brink leads an interdisciplinary team to innovate and build design-driven tools and services. She works with a wide spectrum of top global marketers, foundations, NGOs and emerging companies to develop big ideas and realize practical solutions that foster sustainable growth in commerce and culture. She is the co-author of The Living Principles for Design, the first integrated framework to provide a systems-based approach to environmental, social, economic and cultural sustainability for designers of all disciplines. Through her leadership, she fosters dialogue and collaboration amongst professional organizations and the global design community to co-create tools and best practices for design as a catalyst for positive cultural change.

Phil Hamlett

Phil Hamlett is the graduate director of the School of Graphic Design, Academy of Art University, San Francisco and an AIGA national board member

As graduate director, Phil Hamlett teaches classes, develops curriculum, manages the thesis development process and provides broader strategic guidance for the School of Graphic Design’s Graduate Program. Prior to joining the Academy of Art University in 2004, Phil led design studios on both coasts, doing award-winning work for clients large and small. His extensive experience provides him with the perspective necessary to prepare students for the challenges of the real world. Capable of playing a wide variety of design and communications roles, he is adept at identifying creative challenges, distilling core objectives and then facilitating the development of whatever works to make it all better. As an AIGA national board member, founder of Compostmodern and co-author of the Living Principles for Design, he sets the agenda for sustainable business practice within the design community at large thorough his writing and speaking engagements.


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