AIGA Seattle’s Policies on Comments /

As members of AIGA Seattle, we welcome you to share comments on As a professional organization, we believe it’s our role to help raise the level of dialogue about design and to hold ourselves to the highest possible standards in our field. Consistent with those beliefs, we ask you to please be aware of these policies:

  • Comments on the AIGA Seattle website are moderated, just as they are on the national side, There may be a delay before your comments are published.
  • Please keep your comments concise, informative, respectful, and relevant to the topic at hand.
  • Please refrain from generic comments (e.g., “Nice article,” “Thanks for posting,” “This sucks,” etc.). You’ve got the floor, so to speak; we hope you’ll use it to comment in a way that sheds light on something.
  • We strongly request that you use your full name when posting. We believe that when we have a serious conversation, we deserve to know whom we’re talking with.
  • If you submit comments under an anonymous or false identity, the AIGA Seattle site administrator may refuse to publish it for any reason.
  • While we seek to create an open forum that is inclusive and diverse in its ideas and expressions, we will not tolerate malicious, obscene, racist, sexist, abusive, or otherwise offensive language on AIGA Seattle’s pages. AIGA Seattle may delete without warning any post deemed inappropriate. In the case of repeated offenses, AIGA Seattle may terminate your posting privileges.
  • This does not mean that we are only looking for people to post mild, flattering, or non-controversial comments. Far from it. But if you wish to critique something, do it well. We’re interested in intellectual arguments and criticisms, not cheap shots or personal attacks. Wrestle with the ideas; don’t attack the people.
  • While it isn’t something we would normally do, in certain cases we may edit your post to conform to the guidelines listed here.
  • AIGA Seattle is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of statements submitted by users in the comment sections.
  • Please do not violate any intellectual property laws in posting to this site.
  • The AIGA Seattle site is for non-commercial purposes only. Therefore, comments intended to solicit funds, advertise, or offer services may be refused, altered and/or deleted from the site. Comments that are self-promotional will be treated the same way.
  • You may not post, upload, or transmit any software or other material that contains a virus or other harmful code or device. You may not use the AIGA Seattle website to distribute chain letters, mass mailings, or “spam” or to gather email addresses for the purpose of sending spam to other users of the AIGA Seattle site.
  • By posting, uploading or transmitting any material on or through AIGA Seattle’s website, you hereby grant AIGA Seattle a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide license to use that material in all media, whether or not now known.