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Left Behind / / by Jeni Herberger /

“Any consumer brand today--whether Starbucks or a product like Tide--it is incumbent upon the company to create relevancy in all aspects of your customers’ lives,” he says. “The price of admission is not good enough if your relevancy and market position is only where the product is sold. We said to ourselves that we have to be as relevant socially and digitally as we are when the customer is inside our four walls as when they’re outside--and we want to thread the equity of the brand and the Starbucks experience to multiple platforms--digital, social, mobile--that encompass all aspects of customers’ lives. This is a big thing we’ve learned for 2012, and I think companies that don’t understand it are going to left behind.”

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March panel discussion provides INsights to help INhouse design teams thrive

By Terah Brossart, Seattle Division Director of TCG The Creative Group

It’s no secret that the tides have finally turned: In-house design teams have made the transition from hidden assets to significant team players, even garnering their own conferences and award shows.

Now, AIGA and TCG The Creative Group have joined forces to identify key observations, challenges, and advice as the evolving role of the in-house design team revolutionizes the industry.

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Your Board Members Give Back on the National Day of Service

Saturday, January 19th – Your very own local board members and chairs of the Seattle AIGA Chapter braved the thick morning fog to participate in FareStart's Contract Kitchen on National Day of Service and Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

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The Lunch Box report

The Lunch Box held by Deloitte Digital (formerly Ubermind) was the perfect kickoff to our traveling monthly thought leadership series! Deloitte Digital hosted 30 AIGA guests in their large and modern conference room, and gave a stellar presentation about Designing for the Cross-Channel Experience. 

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What Happens at Wayzgoose

Wayzgoose is the annual design smackdown at the School of Visual Concepts where the power of a steamroller presses ink onto a massive sheet of paper. Wayzgoose is a lot of fun, but also demands a lot of preparation. Here's a behind-the-scenes report on what spectators didn't get to see.


The Design

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Jean Françoise Porchez Event Footage

For those of you who missed Jean Françcoise Porchez's lecture last month at UW – or are just interested in revisiting the talk – you can catch the lecture here on Vimeo at the following links (broken out in order):


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