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by Laura Sherman, as most of us know, is an educational website that offers training on the latest digital tools and techniques. Its co-founder, Lynda Weinman, was elected to the national board of AIGA in 2009, and she has put together a series of videos explaining AIGA’s history, its role as a national association, and the benefits it offers both to us as members and also to the design industry as a whole.

Watch videos on subjects such as:

• How AIGA empowers designers
• How AIGA archives design history
• The future of AIGA
• Debbie Millman’s initiatives as new president

Also, watch key interviews with AIGA medalists Doyald Young, Carin Goldberg, and Pablo Ferro.

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It's much esiaer to understand when you put it that way!


HHIS I should have tohhugt of that!

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