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The Lunch Box held by Deloitte Digital (formerly Ubermind) was the perfect kickoff to our traveling monthly thought leadership series! Deloitte Digital hosted 30 AIGA guests in their large and modern conference room, and gave a stellar presentation about Designing for the Cross-Channel Experience. 

The conversation revolved around understanding a client's brand through all touch-points in order to make the piece you have been contracted for, align with the overall experience. Dani Fillmore-Storlie and Michelle Li, as well as the AIGA Seattle President, Aaron Shurts, integrated Deloitte's process with real-world examples, as well as how this could be applied to any project. 

Our second event in the series was hosted by Hornall Anderson with Design Director, Nick Thiel, discussing failure in design executions and processes. With examples of from graphic design and product design to World War One, Nick's presentation challenged the idea of success and failure—inspiring the 30 guests to see failure as a piece of the process to achieve great work.

One of the most interesting parts of The Lunch Box has been the questions from the audience after the presentation. The questions asked have made the topic understandable from a broad range of the design industry, and an engaged audience has made my lunch hour spent at The Lunch Box worth it.

Next month's The Lunch Box will be hosted by NBBJ on January 15th. Get your tickets here!

Recap written by Kelsey Boyce
The Lunch Box identity was designed by Tyler Engman

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