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The Lunch Box @ Turnstyle

An AIGA Seattle Thought Leadership Series

Join us at a different local studio each month for The Lunch Box. Break away from your desk to visit an amazing studio and listen to local design leaders present original perspectives that will inspire, shift or interrupt your relationship with the design space. After the presentation there will be a chance to ask questions and pick the brains of some of Seattle's brightest design minds.

This month's lunch will be hosted by Ben Graham and Steve Watson of Turnstyle. They'll discuss:

We heart analog.
In a time where design is increasingly moving to the screen, there is something deeply satisfying in designing for the printed page, the tangible package or product, or even the fuzzy t-shirt. When our clients don't provide sufficient assignments for analog design work, we'll make up our own projects and produce them as client gifts. Whatever we have to do give ourselves a chance to make stuff.


Ben Graham, Creative Director

Knowledge and experience comes from: Fifteen years in the field. Classic Swiss-style design education from the type-nazis at UW. Starting Turnstyle together with two other yahoos with no prior business experience.
Inspired by: Everything astronomy (astrology, not so much). Talented young designers. My incredibly creative wife and my two goofy boys.
Secret talent: I can eat an entire meatball sub in one bite. Not unlike a boa constrictor.
What would you do if you knew you could not fail: Visit Mars.

Steve Watson, Creative Director

Knowledge and experience comes from: Great parents who encouraged me to keep drawing past age ten. A fantastically talented wife and two great kids. Attempting calculus in college. Learning a second language (Spanish). Working as a volunteer for two years of my life. A BFA in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University. Public speaking. Going for it when I thought I might say something funny.
Inspired by: Art. Music. Movies. Architecture. Books on science and history. Venn diagrams. Decision trees. Humor. Nature. My family.
Secret talent: Eating copious amounts of cheese with seemingly no ill effects on my gastrointestinal system.
What would you do if you knew you could not fail: Stand-up comedy.

Arrive at Turnstyle at 11:50am for a catered lunch and beverage. Listen to insanely bright design professionals and meet a few new folks in the process. Once registered, we'll send a follow up email with lunch menu options, including vegetarian and health-conscious options.

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Tue / 02.12.13

11:50AM - 1:00PM

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