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Design for Community Movement

A single sheet of paper, with enough ingenuity and deft folding, can be flown around a classroom like a kite on a windy day. That same creativity, when focused on a community, can bring about solutions that light a fire under its residents and inspire them to change the world, starting with their very own block. AIGA Seattle would like to introduce a new kind of event. One where we gather 30 creative thinkers under the same roof to solve a community problem through sustainable design thinking. We call it Paper Airplane, and it's a design for community movement.

Design Challenge:
Solve the problem assigned to you in a way that is actionable, sustainable, and for the community.

On the third Saturday of 2014, we will gather at the Good Shepherd Community Center to embark on an all day design-thinking extravaganza. In the morning we will describe the sustainable design thinking framework called the Living Principles, share some inspiring case studies that illustrate some ways in which others have solved the assigned problem (the problem is a secret until the day of the event), and then break up into groups of 5 and be given your initial instructions.

During this event you will:

  • Learn creative brainstorming and collaboration techniques that will yield surprising results
  • Learn how to use the sustainable design thinking framework called the Living Principles
  • Get inspired by all the ideas flowing from the concentrated creative energy in the room
  • Forge brilliant new relationships with others in your community who want to change the world
  • Win an award (okay, well maybe not all of you ;)

Do you want to attend an event where you actually learn awesome new skills? Do you want to reignite that passion in your career? Do you want to get together with an awesome group of creatives and come up with world changing ideas? Then join AIGA Seattle for our first Paper Airplane event and help us prove how powerful design thinking can be.

We only have room for 30 people, so act fast!

Early Bird Pricing: Reserve your seat by January 1st, 2014
AIGA Members: $25 (Lunch Provided)
Non-Members: $40 (Lunch Provided)

Regular Pricing: From Jan 1st - Jan 17th
AIGA Members: $30 (Lunch Provided)
Non-Members: $45 (Lunch Provided)

NOTE: This event has already passed. Please check the events page for upcoming local events

Sat / 01.18.14

8:30AM - 5:00PM
Good Shepherd Center

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