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Compostmodern: Resilience

Regional Design Conference

MARCH 22-23



Designer. Entrepreneur. Scientist. Artist: Are you Compostmodern? Explore the role of design in creating a more resilient and regenerative world that works better for individuals, communities, society and the planet.



Resilience: The ability of a complex adaptive system to respond to change, bounce back and continue to develop.

Increasingly, we're all being called upon to cope with unanticipated shocks, changes and flux. Embracing flexibility and finding inspiration within uncertainty are critical skills needed to survive and thrive. We're in the middle of a mess. And the only kinds of systems that will be truly sustainable are those that are able to overcome difficulties without breaking down – those which are flexible, redundant by design and locally tuned – a network of interconnected, distributed systems.

We'll convene for our sixth installment of Compostmodern on March 22-23 in San Francisco to explore how we can envision and design social, ecological and economic systems that can strengthen society and meet our increasing challenges – and how we can apply radical creativity and imagination to remodeling and renewing society.

At Compostmodern, you’ll join leading international visionaries in exploring pathways to innovative solutions. Join artists, visual designers, brand strategists, interaction designers, product designers, architects, futurists, sustainability consultants, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs from across the public, private and non-profit sectors for an in-depth exploration of the role of design in creating a more resilient and regenerative world.



Day 1 of the conference is crafted to educate and inspire while Day 2 will engage participants with a hands-on workshop focused on envisioning and creating a resilient community of the future. More details to follow. The conference will culminate on the evening of March 23rd with a closing party.



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Fri / 03.22.13

9:00AM - 2:00PM
Palace of Fine Arts

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