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Open AIGA Seattle Board Positions


In addition to standard board responsibilities and privileges, the vice-president works directly with the president in maintaining the direction of the board of directors and ensures that the goals of the chapter are being met in alignment with the AIGA mission. He/she will share in running board meetings and preparing the agenda. The vice-president will uphold all duties of the president in all cases when the president are absent or unable to fulfill their responsibility.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Aid president on special projects as assigned
  • Preside at board meetings and on conference calls in president's absence
  • Represent the president at his/her request
  • Assume the presidency in the case of resignation until the position is filled
  • Assist president and chapter with AIGA National initiatives
  • Preside over the AIGA Seattle nominating committee for both board elections and AIGA Fellow Award
  • Coordinate the annual board retreat
  • Work with president and board to determine long-range chapter goals

  • Previous AIGA Seattle or other AIGA chapter board experience preferred but not required
  • Knowledge of the mission and goals of the AIGA
  • Willingness to recruit, inform, motivate, and recognize fellow volunteers and board members
  • Strong communication, organization, and facilitation skills
  • Willingness to lead by example and with enthusiasm
  • Willingness and ability to follow through on commitments within the time frame allotted

AIGA Seattle Past Presidents
2002 - Brooke Mackay
2000 - Laura Zeck & Tan Le
1998 - David Betz & Richard Smith
1996 - Jesse Doquilo
1994 - Allen Woodard
1992 - Janet DeDonato
1990 - Chris Ozubko
1988 - Anne Traver
1986 - Pat Hansen