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The AIGA Fellow program is a means of recognizing seasoned designers who have made a significant contribution to raising the standards of excellence in practice and conduct within our design community as well as in our AIGA chapter. The nominee must:

  • Be a practitioner and/or educator with more than fifteen years experience in the profession.
  • Be a member in good standing.
  • Have made a significant contribution to AIGA.
  • Have made a positive impact within their local or regional design community.
  • Have advanced excellence in graphic design as a discipline, profession, and cultural force.

Email your completed nomination form by March 20 to [email protected]. (Self-nominations are welcome.) Please be advised that the members of the AIGA Fellow Awards Committee may choose to contact both the nominee and the person making the nomination.

Because this is a confidential process, don’t hesitate to let us know on the nomination form all that you think is wonderful about your nominee. The depth and quality of the information in the nomination is essential to the committee’s making an informed decision.

The award will be presented at the annual AIGA Membership Party on May 14.


AIGA Seattle Fellow Award Recipients:

2009 - Tan Le
2008 - Terry Marks
2007 - Anne Traver
2007 - Shelly Langton
2002 - Chris Ozubko
2000 - Jesse Doquilo
1999 - Pat Hansen