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Open AIGA Seattle Board Positions


In addition to standard board responsibilities and privileges, and in partnership with the outgoing president, the incoming president oversees and guides the development of the chapter, ensuring that chapter activities are in alignment with the AIGA mission. He/she provides leadership for the board of directors and the membership at large. He/she is a primary contact between the chapter and the national office and shares responsibility with the outgoing president in running the board meetings, setting the agenda, and keeping the board focused on its objectives. The incoming president will split time with the outgoing president and vice-president to be available to the different committees.

Specific duties include:

  • Maintain financial and procedural stability of the chapter
  • Preside at all AIGA Seattle board meetings and business meetings
  • Represent the chapter at AIGA national events and on conference calls
  • Attend national AIGA presidents' meetings
  • Direct chapter activities an ensure they are carried out in a professional manner
  • Work with board directors to facilitate their responsibilities to the chapter
  • Appoint additional duties to board members as necessary
  • Work on long range planning for the chapter
  • Evaluate board structure to ensure that the chapter leadership is addressing key areas of concern and member interest
  • Assist with special projects as necessary
  • Work with treasurer on:
    • Chapter budgeting
    • Employee relations (Chapter Administrator)
  • Work with programming director on all activities
  • Assist chapter administrator in completing the annual chapter report for the national leadership retreat
  • Ensure continuity of board leadership by active participation in succession planning and nominations process

  • Must have previously held a position on AIGA Seattle or other AIGA chapter board
  • Knowledge of the mission and goals of the AIGA
  • Willingness to recruit, inform, motivate, and recognize fellow volunteers and board members
  • Strong communication, organization, and facilitation skills
  • Willingness to lead by example and with enthusiasm
  • Willingness and ability to follow through on commitments within the time frame allotted

AIGA Seattle Past Presidents
2002 - Brooke Mackay
2000 - Laura Zeck & Tan Le
1998 - David Betz & Richard Smith
1996 - Jesse Doquilo
1994 - Allen Woodard
1992 - Janet DeDonato
1990 - Chris Ozubko
1988 - Anne Traver
1986 - Pat Hansen