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Open AIGA Seattle Board Positions

Experience Design Community Director

Representatives from a variety of disciplines-from traditional design practice to system integration and user experience-consider the challenges of designing for a digital, connected world. In a network society, communication is not conducted through discrete beginnings and ends, so messages become overwhelmed with meaning. AIGA Experience Design articulates the complexity of this new discipline and the expectations, standards and ethos of its professional practice.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Lead Experience Design (ExDes) professionals who are interested in a specific kind of program and who are looking for ways to develop a network of like-minded professionals, the means of doing so within AIGA
  • Organize (or lead committee to organize) and lead bi-monthly ExDes discussions
  • Create and organize a common database of ExDes contacts
  • Communicate the importance of becoming a member of AIGA and the ExDes Community
  • Coordinate the bi-annual Currents conference

AIGA Seattle Past Presidents
2002 - Brooke Mackay
2000 - Laura Zeck & Tan Le
1998 - David Betz & Richard Smith
1996 - Jesse Doquilo
1994 - Allen Woodard
1992 - Janet DeDonato
1990 - Chris Ozubko
1988 - Anne Traver
1986 - Pat Hansen