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Rosslyn Snitrak
Brand Experience Director

Rosslyn recently moved to Seattle from Washington, D.C. As a newcomer to the Pacific NW, she thrives being in a community surrounded by others who share her passion for design, nature and sustainability.

She is the owner of Rosslyn Snitrak Design, a studio focusing on branding, identity and retail packaging. She enjoys the many challenges of running a business and building relationships with amazing clients. Her work has been recognized by the Art Director's Club of Metropolitan Washington, Creativity, and Graphic Design USA.

An AIGA veteran, Rosslyn started out as a volunteer and has now been active for the past several years. She recently completed her 2 year tenure as Brand Experience Director for AIGA Seattle. Prior to that, she served on the AIGA DC Board as Programming Director and AIGA 50 co-chair.

When she's not designing, Rosslyn enjoys running races for worthwhile charities, exploring the Seattle art and music scene, and all things outdoors.

Rosslyn enjoys traveling, exploring the Seattle art and music scene, and all things outdoors.

Honors and awards

AIGA has a long tradition of recognizing individuals for their outstanding achievements in the profession and annually awards the prestigious Medal.

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