Nothing tops off a day of creative brainstorming like a night of good food, drinks and music. Join us at the Last Supper Club for all three, plus a special presentation of work created during the Collabor8! Workshop sessions.

Last Supper Club
124 S. Washington, 206.748.9975


Luminous Flux
Genre: ethereal, electronic rock.

Classically-trained vocalist Susan Dumett planted the seeds for Luminous Flux in 1997 by approaching violinist and keyboardist Rob MacKusick (Faith & Disease, Salon Betty) and his brother Paul MacKusick Salon Betty, Lola Hum) with the idea of creating a darkwave-influenced sound combining elements of classical and electronic dance music. The result is a unique musical experience that carries listeners through a gamut of emotions--songs are engaging and highly danceable, but will also appeal to those who want to get lost in luxuriant (if occasionally menacing) soundscapes.

Paul Edward
Genre: Techno

A veteran of the LA club scene, Paul Edward has been laying down house and techno grooves for the better part of 5 years. A typical set can take the dancefloor from jumping Chicago house to gritty booming techno, hitting every emotion along the way. He believes that quality DJ skills rather than hype get the floor moving and his soundscape echoes that sentiment.

Carlos Miguel
Genre: Deep Techno/House

Miguel's sound immediately sets him apart from the rest of the DJs in America. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, his sets are evocative of The European techno he's has been promoting since 1994. As a DJ he's layed along side such notable talents as Laurent Garnier, Green Velvet, Derrick May, Kenny Larkin, Spring Heel Jack, Derrick Carter, Fred Gianeli.He's played parties all over the American West Coast and Mid West, as well as in Canada and South America. He is also in the process of launching his new label 'NoRobots!' under the moniker 'MR. Fussy'.