"Amber Waves (2003)" by John Maeda

be inspired

We've lined up six brilliant leaders from several disciplines to inspire us for the day. Sit at their feet. Listen to the stories. Experience their work and their influences.

get educated

Whether you are looking for some inspiration, or the right tools, we'll have a parallel track that will give you the tools you need to execute. Learn to create music, manage projects, use the latest tools from Apple and Macromedia. ( This is the part you tell your boss about. )




John Maeda / MIT / Keynote
Marty O'Donnell / Bungie / Sound
Tim Fisher / MK12 / Motion
Tina Roth / Thinkmap / Interaction
Angela Shen-Hseih / Visual i|o / Information
Kevin Grady & Colin Metcalf / GUM / Design

Keynote John Maeda

John Maeda is an artist and a computer scientist, and he views the computer not as
a substitute for brush and paint but as an artistic medium in its own right. His mission is to foster the growth of what he calls 'humanist technologists'.
Visit: MIT

Sound Marty O'Donnell

Producing Audio for Interactive Entertainment: What Iíve learned over the last 9 years of producing audio, and composing music for some of the most successful game titles ever shipped. Tasty visuals and ear candy will be provided.
Visit: Bungie

Motion Tim Fisher

At the beginning of this century, Tim Fisher and four of his fellow art school fugitives, founded MK12 in Kansas City, MO. Kansas City is located at the junction of the Kansas and Missouri rivers. You've probably viewed it from above, en route to one of those famed coastal cities they keep talking about.
Visit: MK12

Interaction Tina Roth

Tina Roth will trace her path from the Swiss Alps to The Big Apple, sharing experiences that shaped her in her young career. She will disclose her personal 'idea-sparking' methods/sources that help her stay zen and inspired in today's interactive industry.
Visit: Thinkmap

Information Angela Shen-Hsieh

Inspired by her training in architecture and a vision for the way in which design can dramatically improve the quality of our lives, Angela and her company are exploding the boundaries of how people interact with information.
Visit: Visual i|o

Design Kevin Grady & Colin Metcalf

Having built their own brand, GUM, from the ground up, "Gum-slingers" Kevin Grady and Colin Metcalf talk about being on both sides of the client relationship.
Visit: GUM
Blogging Your Portfolio
Designing With Standards
Working with Bitmaps in Flash
Flash: brushes.paints.stencils.
Exploring Flash Video
Building Multilingual Flash Movies
Intro to User Centered Design
Harnessing Dreamweaver's CSS Power
I Am My Design.

Blogging Your Portfolio

If you’re not blogging now, you should be. Byron will demonstrate how to get your work noticed with a blog, build an audience, and design a site that’s beautiful, cross-device, navigable, fast and gives good love to search engines.
by DL Byron | Textura Design

Designing With Standards

Byron will discuss 10 years of web design, where we’ve been, where we’re going, and why Standards matter more than ever.  His session will cover how blogs are changing the way we design, publish, and work.
by DL Byron | Textura Design

Working with Bitmaps in Flash

Techniques, tips and tricks that help you squeeze the most juice out of your ripe designs once they make the leap from Photoshop into Flash. We’ll focus on recommended methods of bitmap creation, import options, file size optimization, and things to watch out for while designing in Photoshop. Then we’ll look at some ways to breathe life into your flat files using simple animations and effects.
by Dave Curry | POP

Flash: brushes.paints.stencils.

(bps) is a flash-based, rich internet application based on AS2 classes, utilizing the EventDispatcher, that allows the user to quickly and easily paint in flash using an enhanced selection of brushes, paints, color palettes, stencils and other media (images, videos, etc.). There's more to say, but not enough room in this space... come learn more.
by Drew Trujillo & Jason Arena | woohoo!

Exploring Flash Video

Learn the in’s and out’s of Flash Video usage in Flash movies for the web with Robert Reinhardt, lead author of the best-selling Flash Bible and ActionScript Bible series. In this session, Reinhardt shows you the ropes of Flash Video, tackling issues such as encoding and playback options, hosting options, and integrating video clips with the Flash’s video components.
by Robert Reinhardt | Flash Bibles

Building Multilingual Flash Movies

Flash MX 2004 enables designers and developers to expand the reach of their content to global audiences, using dynamic text and image substitution for multi-lingual presentations.
by Robert Reinhardt & Snow Dowd | Flash Bibles

Intro to User-Centered Design

No designer sets out to intentionally confuse or irritate users. Yet many products wind up doing exactly that. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of user-centered design, including methods to avoid making incorrect assumptions about what users truly need.
by Heidi Adkisson | Blink

Harnessing Dreamweaver's CSS Power

In this seminar, Brian Wood, VP/Director of Training at eVolve Computer Graphics Training, will show you how to take Dreamweaver's Cascading Style Sheets to the next level. Come see how to create a site that is CSS standards compliant, easy to create and allows for powerful design control and time-saving back-end changes site-wide.
by Brian Wood | eVolve

I Am My Design.

Believing that people are at their peaks when the outer life mirrors the inner core, when creativity reflects who you are, Mark uses performance, painting, and personal design projects for participants to pursue the edge of their next creative threshold.
by Mark Shimada | Boeing


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