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Open AIGA Seattle Board Positions
The nominating process is designed to identify, encourage and enlist the active participation of dedicated professionals in the service of the AIGA Seattle Chapter at a leadership level. This information will assist the nominating committee in conducting a fair and equitable evaluation, deliberation, and recommendation process for all nominated candidates. Each nominee is expected to complete the same form so that the nominating committee may consider the credentials of all candidates individually, as well as comparatively.

If you have questions about the nominating process, please contact Wendy Quesinberry, AIGA Seattle President at [email protected].

A copy of this nomination form must be completed and sent via email by 6:00pm on May 20th. Please send completed forms to AIGA Seattle Chapter Administrator, Tracy Strand at [email protected]

Once your completed form has been received, you will be scheduled for a brief interview with the nominating committee (to be announced) to occur Tuesday, May 22nd (venue to be announced).

Please note: if you do not return a completed form by the deadline you will not be scheduled for an interview with the nominating committee and, as a result, will not be considered for a board position at this time.

Open Positions
Select a position below to read the specific job description or download the pdf with descriptions for all postions here »

Membership Director
Volunteer Director
Writing Director
Brand Experience Director

About the AIGA Seattle Chapter Board
All of our board and committee members are volunteers. Without their support and continued contribution of time and energy, we wouldn't be able to present the many valued events to the design community that AIGA Seattle is known for.

Primary Function:
The primary function of the chapter board is to advance excellence in graphic design as a discipline, profession, and cultural force. The AIGA provides leadership in the exchange of ideas and information, the encouragement of critical analysis and research, and the advancement of education and ethical practices.

General Function:
Lead by the chapter president and in consultation with the executive board, the chapter board is responsible for all chapter activities. The chapter board formulates and carries out action plans and goals to achieve the agreed upon priority activities of AIGA Seattle.


  • Is an AIGA member in good standing
  • Understands and supports the policies and programs of AIGA Seattle
  • Actively assists in resolving problems, meeting needs, or answering concerns facing any board member or committee
  • Continually recruits, informs, and helps retain volunteers to support the goals of the growth of AIGA membership
  • Attends at least 3/4 of all scheduled monthly board meetings each year (If you cannot attend, you are asked to make arrangements for a representative from your committee to come in your place and notify the president in advance of the meeting)
  • Attends at least 1/2 of all scheduled events each year
  • Attends annual chapter board retreat each summer

    Legal responsibilities of board members:
    Board members have a legal responsibility to the chapter and are covered under a liability policy initiated by AIGA National that covers chapters across the country. The following guidelines are recommended for non-profit organizations to reduce liability:

  • Attend board meetings regularly
  • Be familiar with the AIGA's goals, objectives and programs
  • Make sure the chapter keeps a written, permanent record of all board minutes
  • Be certain to fulfill all aspects of non-profit and tax exempt status
  • Exercise general supervision over the AIGA's affairs
  • Know the budget, budget process and financial health of the chapter
  • Insist on meaningful board meetings with full disclosure of operating results
  • Require the chapter to engage competent legal counsel, when necessary
  • Require committees to report at board meetings when appropriate
  • Know the directors and officers of the chapter
  • Adopt and follow sound business policies and practices
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Monitor the community and professional image of the chapter
  • Assure that the chapter maintains good credit and financial standing
  • Review the organization's insurance program
  • Pursue warning signs and act accordingly by asking questions
  • Question policies and practices that you don't understand or that cause you concern

  • AIGA Seattle Past Presidents
    2004 - Marty Hall
    2002 - Brooke Mackay
    2000 - Laura Zeck & Tan Le
    1998 - David Betz & Richard Smith
    1996 - Jesse Doquilo
    1994 - Allen Woodard
    1992 - Janet DeDonato
    1990 - Chris Ozubko
    1988 - Anne Traver
    1986 - Pat Hansen